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Alkebulan Aviation Group

Who We Are

Alkebulan Aviation Group: Pioneering the Skies of Africa

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Zambia's burgeoning economy, Alkebulan Aviation Group (AAG) stands as a paragon of innovation and operational excellence in the aviation industry.

A distinguished subsidiary of the global powerhouse Regency Investment Group (RIG), AAG transcends the conventional boundaries of an aviation enterprise to become a dynamic nexus of aerial mastery.

With a proud lineage that intersects with the strategic spheres of oil, finance, and healthcare, AAG has unfurled its wings to command the skies, heralding a transformative epoch in African aviation. Our extensive portfolio is a reflection of our expansive vision and unwavering commitment to excellence. It encompasses a fleet of ventures, including Alkebulan Airlines — the standard- bearer of the skies, Alkebulan Cargo — the nexus of freight and logistics, the Alkebulan Media Group — the voice and vision of our brand, Alkebulan Training School — the crucible where aviation professionals are forged, AGE Africa Aviation — the frontier of aviation innovation, African Memories Ltd — the curator of continental narratives, and LEIGH Medical and Tourism City — the confluence of health and hospitality.

Each entity within our armada synergizes with the others, creating a symphonic blend of services that resonate with the rhythm of progress and prosperity. Under the expansive umbrella of RIG, Alkebulan Aviation Group is soaring to new heights, pioneering unprecedented standards in air travel and cargo services. We are the vanguard of the skies, not only connecting destinations but also bridging economies, cultures, and communities across the African continent and beyond.