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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Purpose: Charting New Frontiers in African Aviation

Alkebulan Aviation Group (AAG) is deeply rooted in a purpose that transcends the normative functions of an aviation company.

We are the standard-bearers of Zambia's aviation industry, proudly pioneering an array of services that not only cover the vast expanses of Sub-Saharan Africa but also connect to the global stage. Our mission is comprehensive, our scope extensive, and our ambition boundless. AAG is not merely a conduit between geographical locations; we are the architects of connections that bind communities, bolster economies, and bridge the divides of distance and time.

Our portfolio is rich and varied, offering high-caliber passenger travel that caters to the discerning needs of travelers, critical cargo services that support the

lifeblood of commerce, advanced drone logistics breaking new ground in delivery speed and efficiency, and specialized medical transport critical for the health sector. Each service is a thread in the larger tapestry of our commitment to the African continent—a commitment to uplift, to empower, and to advance our societies and economies through the strategic use of aviation.

Our alliances with esteemed global organizations are not just partnerships; they are endorsements of our vision to harness the power of aviation as a force for good. These collaborations are a testament to our pledge to leverage our wings for the advancement of African nations. By integrating the latest in aviation technology and service excellence, AAG is at the forefront of an aerial revolution, where every flight is a step towards a more connected, prosperous, and vibrant Africa.